Senior Pastor

Christopher Preston has been the senior pastor since April, 2017. After studying theology and political philosophy in college, he attended Shepherds Theological Seminary in Cary, NC, where he received his Master of Divinity, as well as training with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors. Christopher and his wife have been married 11 years, and they have three beloved sons. Their passions include biblical counseling, classical Christian education, playing music together, cooking, and reading old books.



Richard has been a part of Fairview Bible Church since 1987, and serves as Chairman of the governing board. He is retired following a career first as a mechanical engineer, and later as a professor of engineering. He and his wife, Diana, have two sons and one grandson. Retirement has allowed him to pursue various building and mechanical projects, gardening, and reading that has been saved for his less-busy years.



Joseph Preston started attending Fairview Bible Church in the late 80’s. Joseph attended Cedarville College (Bachelor of Arts in Pre-Seminary Bible) and Dallas Theological Seminary (Master of Theology in Pastoral Leadership and New Testament Studies). In 2002, following seminary and ordination to ministry, Joseph and his wife, Christy, returned to the area in order to serve full-time in camp ministry at WLD Ranch, where Joseph now serves as the executive director. Joseph and Christy have four children and they enjoy serving in ministry together with their family at camp and at church. Joseph’s interests include spending time with his family, taking photos, playing disc golf, trick roping, playing violin and mandolin, studying the Bible with family and friends, and pursuing a variety of outdoor activities such as riding horses, canoeing, and climbing trees and challenge courses.



Derrick has been a member of Fairview Bible Church since 2006.  He and his family have served in several ministries at FBC. Derrick is currently a 4th grade educator and has been teaching for 17 years with a Masters of Education degree. His interests include spending time with family, traveling, and real estate. Derrick currently serves as a deacon.


Deacon & Youth Leader

Mark began attending Fairview Bible Church in 1985, and he and his wife, Keegen, have long been involved in the children's ministry. Mark serves Fairview Township as a township supervisor, and currently serves FBC as the youth leader, as well as the church Treasurer.



Jeremy Preston has attended Fairview Bible Church since the late 1980's. After serving on active duty in the Army from 1999 to 2006, Jeremy, along with his wife Andrea, returned to FBC. Jeremy serves as a deacon and the Secretary of the governing board. Jeremy and Andrea have four boys.



Richard currently serves as a deacon and serves on building maintenance and building projects for the church, as well as VBS and PAYC. He is self employed as a general contractor. His wife, Joy, serves in the Sunday School program, nursery, and VBS. She is a stay-at-home mother and homeschools their 5 children.